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School Assemblies

"Friendship Stew with a Cup of Character" Assembly
"Friendship Stew with a Cup of Character" Assembly

Educational, Interactive & Entertaining Musical School Assemblies

Pam is a nationally recognized entertainer, and teacher in-service presenter in elementary school settings. Bring her to your school district today!

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"We enjoyed having your character program at our school. We'd love to have you come back next year!"
Maria Ramirez, Portola School, Livermore, CA
"One of the aspects of your assembly that was especially wonderful was the way in which you involved all of the children. Even the 4th and 5th grade boys were singing along and doing the sign language. One of our most "sports oriented" fifth grade boys even volunteered to help you by leading the hand motions for one of the songs! He was smiling from ear to ear, moving to the rhythm of the music and really enjoying himself. Thanks so much for your inspiration on such an important topic as the character pillars."
Priscilla Spencer, Principal, Country Lane School, San Jose, CA

Elementary Schools

(Appropriate for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade)

Choose from the following themes or have one designed for you!
Music and Social Science standards addressed

  • Kindergarten Reading Assembly - Gotta Get the Beat
    Studies reveal the importance of the ability to keep a beat and its link to adequate linguistic development. Brain research reveals that involvement with music uses different parts of the brain. Additionally, crossing the midline integrates brain hemispheres to enable the brain to organize itself. This brain-based program includes Pam's song, Gotta Get the Beat and other songs with active movement, including crossing the midline and patterning designed to ready the brain for reading.

  • Friendship Stew with a Cup of Character
    This interactive assembly complements the school's character education program. Character traits are the ingredients in Pam's Friendship Stew, par excellence! With humor and music, this popular program also addresses respect for ourselves, our friendships and the world around us. This popular assembly can be adapted to "Kindergarten-Only" by request.

  • Music in a Multi-Cultural World
    Students delight in their musical trip around the world from the islands of Jamaica and Japan, to Mexico, Africa and Austria, they learn words of greeting and thanks and gain insight into how people think and live. Upon request, this program may be adapted to incude other countries.

  • American Folk Songs
    Folk Songs are songs of the people, passed from one to the other, sometimes changing along the way. In this fun and lively participatory presentation children have the opportunity to hear songs that are an important part of the American tapestry and folk culture. The songs are memorable and fun for the children to sing along on and some even have the opportunity to come on stage and play spoons, washboard, tambourine and a fascinating variety of percussion instruments. Songs are accompanied by authentic American folk instruments such as banjo, guitar, washboard and spoons. A song in American Sign Language included.

  • Parent Night Music Show
    Invite parents for an evening get together and book Pam Donkin for the entertainment portion. As a nationally recognized family entertainer Pam knows just how to lead an effective positive and rousing fun family sing along and will bring children up on stage, too, to play percussion instruments and take part in the show!

All Assemblies Include

  • An Interactive Learning Experience - Audiences participate in an interactive singing and movement experience, singing the chorus of all songs, echoing rhythm patterns and learning a song in American Sign Language. Some lucky audience members will even have the opportunity to perform, with the artist on stage. Programs combine music with content, providing an atmosphere of learning and fun.

  • An Integrated Thematic Approach - The programs, aligned with the State Arts, Language and Social Science Frameworks, use a thematic approach; awareness of historical and cultural heritage is merged with the universal language of music.

  • A Fascinating Variety of Instruments - Lively vocals are accompanied by guitar, ukulele or banjo, and a fascinating variety of percussion instruments including cabasa, guiro, Native American drum, washboard and spoons.

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