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Pam is a nationally recognized family entertainer in concerts, school districts, community libraries, teacher workshops and recordings!

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"Every preschooler on the planet should Hop, Skip and Jump with Pam Donkin!"

- Kathy Byers, Children's Music Hall of Fame

"I've had "Hop, Skip & Jump" in my head all day long today.  We LOVE your song, and  to show you how much, we sing it 7 times a week in our music classes, and have been doing that (no joke) for about a year now, ever since I heard it on Pandora's children's folk station.  GREAT song! Here is a video using the song in our classes at NiNi Bambini."

Nina Cullen, NiNi Bambini

"Wonderful and lively music, and an engaging and entertaining performer whose breadth and depth of musical knowledge and child development gives her the ability to adapt to a varied audience of children and their families"

Laurie Peck, Children's Librarian, Mountain View Public Library, Mountain View, CA

"Of all the zillions of Hello/Goodbye songs for kids out there, I simply am loving yours. It is so perfect. I had 24 classes that I started and ended with your tunes and it was a perfect ice breaker. It was like turning up the volume slowly on a musicbox. They kept getting happier and smiling and moving around with joy. By the end they were Happy to be there!!!"

Susan Nierman, Music and Movement Instructor,
Messiah Lutheran Preschool & Kindergarten, Wauconda Illinois