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A Hop, Skip, and Jump
Track Listings
  1. A Hop, Skip, and a Jump  
  2. Little Red Train  
  3. Kitchen Jam
  4. Kindness is Everywhere
  5. Clap Your Hands Now
  6. Families all Over the World
  7. Fluffy Puppies
  8. Solar System
  9. Gotta Get the Beat
  10. Planting Seeds of Love  
  11. It Rained All Day
  12. What Shall We Do?
  13. Nature's Fun and Fancy Free
  14. Wigglin' Around
  15. Woodpeckers
  16. Water Cycle Song
  17. Say Goodnight

Bonus: Fit this CD into your computer to view a video as well as activity guide!


"Pam Donkin has a great reputation for her earlier CDs and her work as a performer and host of the children’s show “Kaleidoscope Kids.” She brings all of that experience to her latest country-tinged CD. The CD has real charm throughout, with great twangy guitar riffs and violin and piano here and there. There are lessons about the solar system, the cycle of water and even math, all of it keeping things lively from beginning to end. Repetition, funny animal sounds and inviting lyrics make this CD a winner for kids. On “Fluffy Puppies,” my daughter happily barked along, for example, and she was soon repeating the sing-songy “Woodpecker” lyrics and learning basic subtraction at the same time. This is excellent entertainment for younger kids, who will find plenty to sing — and think about — in the strong mix of 18 songs."

— Toy Directory Monthly

"Fun CD! My son started dancing & jumping around the very first time he heard this CD. I love the different styles - rock 'n roll, folk/fiddle, blues, rap, etc. Our favorite songs are 'A Hop, Skip...,' 'Little Red Train,' 'Gotta Get the Beat,' and 'Wigglin' Around' - but we like them all!"

— Heidi in Chaska, MN

"Pam Donkin’s 18 original songs inspire all kinds of activity. Whether urging listeners to “Clap Your Hands Now,” inviting them to join a “Kitchen Jam,” or insisting they “Gotta Get the Beat,” Donkin both leads and leaves room for creative movement. As well, many of the selections encourage appreciation for and thoughts about nature. Without being didactic, the songs informally present easily grasped facts and ideas that can take root and grow. Donkin’s look at the natural world starts underground as worms go “Wigglin’ Around” and travels above the earth in “The Solar System.” The tunes, delivered mostly in a nice old-fashioned country style, give kids a sweet, enjoyable way to expend some energy and learn a few simple lessons. Donkin’s warm, friendly voice is most inviting."

— Paul Shackman, American Library Association Booklist, Aug 2007

"Pam Donkin reminds us that play is child's work on her latest recording. The singer/composer employs a variety of musical styles in these 18 songs—including country, boogie-woogie, Mediterranean, and rhythmically spoken—to send messages and offer fun activities and story time fillers for young listeners. Children will find it hard to sit still during "A Hop, Skip and a Jump," "Clap Your Hands Now," "What Shall We Do?," and "Wiggling Around." They will have fun learning as they sing "Kindness Is Everywhere," "Families All Over the World," "Planting Seeds of Love," "Nature's Fun and Fancy Free," and "Water Cycle Song." Librarians will appreciate adding "Little Red Train," "Gotta Get the Beat," "It Rained All Day," "Five Woodpeckers," and other songs to story time. In most songs, a bass provides the percussive beat with guitar, piano, and fiddle providing melodies and harmonies. A chorus of children in several pieces encourages participation. Using a computer, two MP3 songs (wonderful for opening and closing story times), lyrics for all songs, activity guides (including curriculum connections), and a music video ("Everything Works Out Perfectly") can be accessed. A great choice for libraries and day care facilities."

— Stephanie Bange, School Library Journal

"Pam Donkin sings and plays light and gentle songs, employing mainly acoustic instruments and a child-centered approach for getting kids to move their bodies. Songs such as “Kindness is Everywhere,” “Families All Over The World,” and “Nature's Fun and Fancy Free” are representative of Donkin's intelligent and optimistic lyrics. Backed by some great, bluegrass influenced banjos and fiddles, the collection is refreshingly free of glitz and hype. Listeners' immediate impression is that Ms. Donkin really enjoys singing for children. This well produced CD includes a bonus section, which when accessed on the computer, provides printable lyrics, an activity guide, and additional songs and videos. This wholesome and fun-filled collection is music made purely for the service of children, yet performed to adult standards of musicianship."

— Parents’ Choice, Spring 2007

"Pam Donkin is a veteran teacher and entertainer who has a clear idea of what young children want and need from their musical experiences. This CD is filled with songs that will get kids up and moving and singing along, too. The 18 tracks are a mix of original and traditional songs performed in a gentle, acoustic style with Donkin’s clear voice leading the way. And speaking of her voice, it is smooth and inviting—you can even hear her smiling as she sings and calls you to come along to play."

— Fred Koch, Chicago Parent Magazine

"Perfect for the wee ones, Donkin’s infectious love of music and children exudes in every song. This tons-of-fun CD, that features diverse styles of music. is a playground of fun for everyone!"

— Dianne de Las Casas, STORY CONNECTION EXPRESS – MARCH 2007

"The excitement is high as the students in my 16 weekly pre-schools and I explore this new collection. Sooooooooooooo easy to learn and add movements. No end to the potential as you zip in new ideas. Thanks, Pam, for a musical pinata."

— Liz Hannan, Montessori Music Teacher

"One of the things I like about the "Hop, Skip, and a Jump" CD is that it sounds like Pam enjoys singing the songs. There is a happy quality that comes across in Pam's voice that I think toddlers will respond to."

— Lisa Harper,